Tattoo Equipment

Your appointment… what’s new?!

In order for us to meet the new government requirements regarding COVID19 we have introduced a number of significant changes to the way we operate. Although they may not all be to your liking, they are purely there to ensure that both you and your artist have the safest possible experience while at the studio. We really do appreciate your understanding of why we have made these changes and look forward to welcoming you back.
Please make sure you take the time before your visit to read through an familiarise yourself with the following information. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch either directly with your artist or via the contact page.

  • Arrival time - On the day please make sure that you arrive on time. We now have staggered start times across the artists so we do not have multiple clients arriving at the same time. They are stepped into 15 minute intervals to allow for us to safely get you into the studio and wearing appropriate PPE etc. IMPORTANT - if you are not on time you risk losing your appointment and deposit. Please make sure you are on time and contact us as early as possible if you have any issues such as transport. 

  • The front door will remain open, however on arrival you will be asked to sanitise hands with the gel provided and put on your mask. if you don't have a mask you will be provided with a disposable one. you will then fill out a health questionnaire and waiver form  

  • You will No longer be able to bring ANY food or drink into the studio with you. This is a strict government regulation. we will provide you with a Drinks (bottled water/juice) if needed. anything else will not be permitted on the premises. For those having long sessions your artist will advise on a lunch break during which you can leave and purchase food to eat off site. On your return the original arrival procedure will be repeated ​

  • If you feel at all unwell up to 14 days before your appointment Please make us aware as soon as possible.

  • ONLY clients being tattooed may enter the premises (Studio and waiting area). Anyone else will be asked to leave immediately. No more friends and family to support i’m afraid - but don’t worry we are a nice bunch and will help you feel at home!

  • Cigarette breaks will no longer be permitted so please wear nicotine patches if required

  • Hand wash facilities will be available on arrival and throughout your appointment. They must be used before and after any use of the toilets etc along with the hand sanitizer provided. We will he required to clean toilets after each use so please be aware that seats may be wet as they will be constantly treated with a ‘leave on’ anti bacterial contact cleaner

  • Each artist will have a clearly defined and marked work area. Your artist will escort you to this space for your appointment. Please do not stray into other zones.

  • We no longer accept any walk-ins, all tattoos are now strictly by appointment only. Similarly merchandise and vouchers are only available via mail order and consultations where required will be carried out via Email